Metropolis Redux

by Wendy on October 29, 2013

Mechanical Heart

by Wendy on February 14, 2013

This was artwork Wendy created for the Steampunk FlipBooKit. After rendering the illustration and some motion studies, we handed this over to Heather Cardone to work her magic on the final animation.  If you need an expert in motion design, she’s your girl.

“Lyrical Play” Exhibition

by Wendy on December 08, 2012

Vale Fine Art, 619 12th Street, Paso Robles

A collaborative exhibition with original photography by Wendy Marvel, Felicia Michaels, Natalie Gamble.  Also featuring Mechanical Flipbooks by Mark Arnon Rosen and Wendy Marvel.

Exhibiting through January 25th


New Times article for “Lyrical Play”

by Wendy on December 07, 2012

Some nice press written by a wonderful writer.


Exhibition: “Lyrical Play”

by Wendy on November 14, 2012

Collaborations with Wendy Marvel
featuring artists Mark Arnon Rosen, Natalie Gamble and Felicia Michaels
Opening Reception: December 1, 2012
Vale Fine Art
619 12th Street, Paso Robles, CA


Fluttering images dance their way through a hypnotic story: what do we look for—and find—in mechanized visual narratives? (“Mechanical Flipbooks,” with Mark Arnon Rosen)

Female butchers with the heads of foxes lurk in a Louisiana swamp, their simian-faced sisters lounge seductively in a New Orleans brothel, and, at the Salton Sea, a trio of anxious bunny women sweat it out under the blistering sun. How does a mask change how we think about female objectification, subjectivity and power? (with Felicia Michaels and Natalie Gamble)

Mechanical Flipbooks Hollywood exhibit

by Wendy on October 20, 2012

We showed a few of our mechanical flipbook series this month at the Motion Picture & Television Fund “REEL STORIES REAL LIVES” exhibit.


by Wendy on August 16, 2012

Many thanks to our friend Patrick Posta for showing us how a real pro works. If you’re in need of a photo shoot and want GREAT results, you should hire him.


Venice Beach Biannual

by Wendy on July 15, 2012

This weekend the Hammer Museum organized a collaboration with LA><ART and presented an amazing show on the boardwalk. Artists from Made In LA 2012 rubbed shoulders with the veteran artists and sold their wares.

We spent both days gleefully stepping out our front door into an art wonderland. Mark and I bought work from both local and Hammer artists. Here’s our favorites from the weekend stash:

1) Alex Becerra a pair of shoes made from acrylic paint and an amazing oil pastel drawing.

2) Cara Faye Earl – poster of Los Santos de Terrorismo

3) Burton Machen – Print of Dennis Hopper from the Urban Evolution Project

4) Alexis Smith – Ceramic Skull Socket



New Imagery

by Wendy on July 09, 2012
Experimenting with new media for the next flip book. Playing with ink and acrylic on canvas.

Metal Shop

by Wendy on June 13, 2012

Spending lots of time in the metal shop. Learning how to work machinery like the big boys. Maybe keeping all my fingers will be considered a girly move?