“Tree Printer” – New project

by marky on March 02, 2009

It’s been 4 or 5 days of conceptualization and it may not turn out to be “tree printers”, but, the idea came from the fast-growing robotic enthusiast trend that is called “replicable rapid prototyping machines (or RepRap see them at www.reprap.org). RepRap machines can “print” their own replacement parts (mostly just frame components, gears and anything other than motors, belts and electronics). The only problem is that the reprapped parts are sorta ugly and monochromatic.
The other part:
Architecture is changing it’s approach this century. The advent of mathematical concepts like the golden mean, euclidean geometry and trigonometry have influenced architecture throughout history. Now calculus is coming to the forefront. Calculus and the power of computers enable designs to be continuously variable in form and scale – just like living organisms grow in nature (see Greg Lynns ted talk). Our next series of art will play with these concepts and hopefully hearken nature.
The first model will be a smaller scale construction with it’s own charm. Suspended over a rotating platform will be

tree growth and calculus

tree growth and calculus

a motorized extruder (probably be built from re-purposed hot-melt glue guns) that moves on it’s x and z axis. Our hope is to extrude melted crayons and wax as the platform spins and the extruder rises and modulates. Theoretically, the device could “print” candles with colorful crayola skins.
I like the idea of recycling kids’ crayons and the eventual possibility of a crayon “color sorter” and an automated means of selecting crayon colors. That’s the start.

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