Latest revision of flipbookit prototype

by Wendy on October 06, 2012

This photo is the latest revision of prototype, and it also happens to be one of the prototypes that was demoed at the NY Makerfaire last week. This one was the cleanest, but they all survived the show (kid testing and all). We tidied it up and brought it over to Patrick Posta, our ace photographer and friend.

At this point, this flipbookit is the nearest to what we expect the production units will look like. The boxes are NOT made of metal (even though the shiny spray-painted prototype on the home page looks like it). They are made with a rigid cardboard called e-flute that is laminated with a book-binders cover (just like an old camera or hard-copy book). This may not be the final exterior finish, but it’s close — and we do like it!