FW: Edgar Arcenaux kennewick man

by marky on January 25, 2009

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Square Spiral Spring Maquette (model #2)

by marky on January 22, 2009

Sheet metal and concrete were my first vision of this touchable /playable structure that could be 10-15″ tall. The next model may be in wood and canvas though – less costly and less permanent installation.

Electric Balsa

by marky on January 22, 2009

Finally on acrylic discs and illuminated pedestals, we were very pleased. Excited to see what the next step their evolution will look like.

Building Balsa Cities

by marky on January 22, 2009

Two weeks wasn’t really enough time but it was enough to start dreaming about balsa cities.

Airplane Models to Balsa Light Sculptures

by marky on January 22, 2009

This will happen again and again… and I better be careful what I say. I told Wendy that always wanted to play with those balsa wood airplane models¬† – but discard the plans and build ’em into odd structures. We met Yvonne and Colby in the west-side’s longest standing RC Model shop, Evett’s.

Balsa Light Assemblies

by Wendy on January 22, 2009

Theory: Working with die cut airplane models.
Deviating from kit blueprints.
During the construction there was a desire to build out more organic forms that suggested another functionality while maintaining some intrinsic qualities of the components (ie. airplanes, wings, fuselage…).

To some, the maquettes seemed like structures built from the scraps of a techno-industrial society

Today is a Historic Day

by marky on January 20, 2009

Before I eat breakfast and turn on the television on this very beautiful morning, I have to admit that I feel all the excitement about President Obama’s inauguration. Everyone is in fevered anticipation for his speech. I think before I do anything, I’m gonna call my baby (hopefully we’ll hang out).jan202009