Air Mail from Thailand

by Wendy on May 16, 2009


by Wendy on May 12, 2009

These photos show our attempt at parsing serial data to text on two different displays. We have 3 LED displays and a VFD display and interfacing with them to get a attractive readout was this weekend’s goal. They all worked with the FTDI cable, but the intelligent osram LED seems to be the prettiest and brightest (as long as we increase Vcc to 4.5V), so next, I’ll prepare special scroll subroutines for headlines, categories and message bodies and prepare for interfacing with bluetooth.

tvBgone – ms.chievous project #1

by Wendy on May 12, 2009


by marky on May 07, 2009


“jumper cables”

by Wendy on May 07, 2009

We asked the young lady at radio shack if she could help find jumper wires for a prototyping board and she led us to the jumper cables (for cars). “They make little ones?”