Pioneer Square Gallery Tour

by marky on October 31, 2011

We spent a couple of days touring downtown Seattle in the Pioneer Square area (oddly, there is a Pioneer Square district in Portland as well). First stop was the Pratt Gallery at the Tashiro Kaplan Building where we found various bits of Big Bird along with other body parts. We liked the collection at the Foster/White Gallery  with their install of a few giant sculptures by Paul Vexler. It felt nice to move around the space of those winding wooden sculptures. Our favorite stop was at Platform Gallery where we met the owner Stephen Lyons. He was featuring playful and strange works from artist Patte Loper. Ethereal scenes of creatures bursting out of the sky. Had a great chat about the Seattle art scene and the difficulties he encounters running a successful gallery in this economy. We had noticed many vacant spaces in our walk around the area and wondered at his success. Many thanks to Stephen for being steadfast and a genuine patron of artists.

Mark inside a Paul Vexler sculpture


SAM – Seattle Art Museum

by marky on October 27, 2011

As it turns out, we really enjoyed the Seattle art scene. SAM is magnificent.  Especially loved Doh Ho Suh‘s dog-tag sculpture Some/One and his multimedia installation Gate.   And the Walter Oltmann sculptures. Artsy’s Doh Ho Suh’s site

Seattle Art Museum

Water Girl

by marky on October 21, 2011

Our work with Eadweard Muybridge’s motion studies continues with this combination: 
a narrative that is witnessed through three boxed mechanisms.

Rye bread + cheese raised to the nth power

by marky on October 11, 2011

After my root canal, I decided to chill out in the A+D Museum. They had a special exhibit about Charles and Ray Eames. Wandered around reading their quotes about every day objects and the simple pleasures of daily life. My favorite was the Rye Bread and Swiss Cheese display.


Visiting Friends New Shows

by Wendy on October 09, 2011

Spent the weekend visiting a few friend’s exhibits. Saturday we went to Mike Stilke‘s curated show at LeBasse Projects called “The Future Is Not What It Used To Be”. He’d constructed one of his beautiful book installations near the entrance.


Another favorite of ours was Brian Dettmer‘s piece “Complete Book Of Marvels”.


Walking next door to Think Space Gallery we caught the tail end of a great show called “In The Wake Of Dreams”.  Always a fan of  Mari Inuki, especially her masked painting “We Are Not Who You Think We Are”.


Sunday we hopped over to the Beacon Arts Building to see new work from our friend Pontus. The last we’d heard from him he’d cut one of his fingers off. The prospect of seeing blood on his latest sculpture was too intriguing. Alas, although there was lots of broken glass, I was denied any gore. But we did love his new work!


Walking down to the other studios in the complex, we found a group show that had lots of surprises. Sound and video as well as big sculptural installations. Mark and I spent a good deal of time running around the space and admiring the work.


Most notable was a sound installation from Winter Jenssen.