Venice Beach Biannual

by Wendy on July 15, 2012

This weekend the Hammer Museum organized a collaboration with LA><ART and presented an amazing show on the boardwalk. Artists from Made In LA 2012 rubbed shoulders with the veteran artists and sold their wares.

We spent both days gleefully stepping out our front door into an art wonderland. Mark and I bought work from both local and Hammer artists. Here’s our favorites from the weekend stash:

1) Alex Becerra a pair of shoes made from acrylic paint and an amazing oil pastel drawing.

2) Cara Faye Earl – poster of Los Santos de Terrorismo

3) Burton Machen – Print of Dennis Hopper from the Urban Evolution Project

4) Alexis Smith – Ceramic Skull Socket



Kicking Ass

by Wendy on July 15, 2012

This week we’re testing some refinements to our process.

We built a new Muybridge motion study in a single box using some new materials and components.

Name Plates

by Wendy on July 11, 2012

Today we experimented with a laser etching process for making name plates for all our pieces. They look amazing, but the process needs a little fine tuning,

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Fractured Fairy Tales Show @ WWA Gallery

by marky on July 09, 2012

Popped over to Culver City for a peek at the WWA Gallery show. Wendy discovered a painting by an old college friend, Craig LaRotonda. She laughed and said he was still doing creepy great work!

New Imagery

by Wendy on July 09, 2012
Experimenting with new media for the next flip book. Playing with ink and acrylic on canvas.

SLC Art / Dave Borba and Carlos Montanaro

by Wendy on July 08, 2012

Whenever we travel, we look for like minded artists (either through their sense of whimsy or use of materials). Dave Borba has both. A Salt Lake City native, Dave creates interactive folk art.  His wood carved sculptures incorporate movement through a mechanical device. I bought one of his limited edition prints, “The Wounded Bird Flies Again”.



Carlos Montanaro from Indio, CA was showing amazing kinetic jewelry at the Utah Arts Festival. Created from vintage time pieces, each work is meticulously crafted with the inner workings exposed to show the running mechanics. Truly beautiful. I bought one of his pieces for my mom’s birthday.


Wooden Box

by Wendy on July 02, 2012

Mark started a new piece involving an old victrola mechanism and a wooden box.

UMOCA, Salt Lake City

by Wendy on July 01, 2012

On view til September, the installation “Cantastoria” explores how contemporary artists communicate histories and cultures using languages. Also on display was the show “FAX” which was an invitational for 100 artists to transmit their fax-based work. My favorite exhibit was a film they had playing titled “Casting Jesus” by Christian Jankowski.