Los Angeles Metro

by Wendy on June 30, 2012

Our first adventure via the new LA Metro transit line from the new Culver City station to the Caii Guo Qiang exhibit at the Geffen Wing of the MOCA.

Metal Shop

by Wendy on June 13, 2012

Spending lots of time in the metal shop. Learning how to work machinery like the big boys. Maybe keeping all my fingers will be considered a girly move?

Relics of Southern California’s Golden Age of Aerospace

by Wendy on June 09, 2012

Our search for rarefied matter took us to a few aerospace graveyards off the beaten path in the San Fernando Valley. Foraging through warehouse racks piled high with dusty old instruments, we wished we had an old-timer with us that knew the stories behind each of these weird treasures.

Starting New Series

by Wendy on June 07, 2012

To complete our ‘Muybridge Dreams’ series, we had to stock up on components and do a little mill work. But we found that it’s very tricky to shop for components and not gather up kindling for the next series. (getting the horizontal mill to work turned out to be quite tricky as well)