Field Trip

by Wendy on January 29, 2013

Visited our favorite junk yard on a research mission. Looking for inspiration for some custom made FlipBooKits.


Relics of Southern California’s Golden Age of Aerospace

by Wendy on June 09, 2012

Our search for rarefied matter took us to a few aerospace graveyards off the beaten path in the San Fernando Valley. Foraging through warehouse racks piled high with dusty old instruments, we wished we had an old-timer with us that knew the stories behind each of these weird treasures.

Automata @ San Francisco Airport

by Wendy on May 23, 2012

Walking through the departure lobby, Mark and I were surprised by the special installation on view.  Automata: Mechanical Wonders of the Nineteenth Century. We’re not especially fond of mimes or clowns, but it was a beautiful installation and a fitting end to a great weekend.

Transmission LA Curated by Mike D

by Wendy on April 28, 2012

Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. 17 days, 17 artists. Audio visual extravaganza! Music + art + kogi truck = totally rad.

Looking for new studio space…

by marky on April 15, 2012

Levitated Mass pilgrimage

by Wendy on March 10, 2012

Awoke early this morning to witness the last leg of the journey of Levitated Mass by artist Michael Heizer. We arrived at LACMA at 5AM and had missed the grand entrance of the 340 ton rock. When we realized we had to view it through the green curtained security fence we had a bit of a “Wizard of Oz” moment.



Robert Reynolds

by Wendy on February 22, 2012

Walking around downtown LA today, Mark and I were peeking inside the large windows and imagining ourselves creating art in the giant vacant spaces. While wandering down 4th and Spring Street we encountered an artist doing just that; space filled with large, beautiful art. Sculptures of ships fitted with umbrellas for sails, walls lined with amazing mixed media paintings thick with paint and resin. A true smorgasbord of beauty, texture and whimsy.

The space was closed, but I persisted with my knocking until a man appeared and opened the door for us. Fortunately for us he happened to be the artist himself, Robert Reynolds. He graciously showed us around his gallery&studio and we felt an immediate liking to Robert and his work.  When we revealed that we were kinetic artists, he took us into the back room and showed us the “Faith Machine”. Three school chairs with neon writing were lined up in front of a huge bellow that would explode smoke through the seats. (We would very much like to see it in action someday). What a nice surprise to stumble upon such a great space, awesome artwork and a humble host. Thank you Robert, we hope to see you again soon!

Vale Fine Arts / Paso Robles Opening

by Wendy on February 04, 2012

Many thanks to Madeline Vale for trusting our work to show in her Winter Show. It was a fantastic opening and we were pleased to have had the chance to present our work in such a great space. We’ve been spreading the good word ever since / Madeline and Edward are an inspiring creative force (and gracious hosts to boot!)

It would be remiss of us if we didn’t mention the other talented artists at the show. We felt honored to exhibit our pieces alongside so much great work, and having met a few of the artists, equally pleased by their self-effacing natures.

LEAPFROG photo by Steve E. Miller

Nice review from Anna Weltner at the San Louis Obispo NEW TIMES. And many thanks to Steve E. Miller for the great photographs!



January is Art Fair Month in LA

by Wendy on January 26, 2012

Miami has Art Basel, London has Frieze. We have Art LA and Photo LA. Great chance to see galleries from around the world exhibit their best and bravest art. Moby hosted the opening events at Photo LA and presented some photography from his recent book “Destroyed” which chronicles his life on the road. Interesting work, and especially liked the photo work of Liz Steketee who manipulates and melds old family photos into strange (somewhat creepy) new imagery. Found some inspiring new work by artists using books as materials, like artist Ching Ching Chen who used book pages to build camera sculptures. Mark liked the Infinity Mirror by Adam Belt.



Pioneer Square Gallery Tour

by marky on October 31, 2011

We spent a couple of days touring downtown Seattle in the Pioneer Square area (oddly, there is a Pioneer Square district in Portland as well). First stop was the Pratt Gallery at the Tashiro Kaplan Building where we found various bits of Big Bird along with other body parts. We liked the collection at the Foster/White Gallery  with their install of a few giant sculptures by Paul Vexler. It felt nice to move around the space of those winding wooden sculptures. Our favorite stop was at Platform Gallery where we met the owner Stephen Lyons. He was featuring playful and strange works from artist Patte Loper. Ethereal scenes of creatures bursting out of the sky. Had a great chat about the Seattle art scene and the difficulties he encounters running a successful gallery in this economy. We had noticed many vacant spaces in our walk around the area and wondered at his success. Many thanks to Stephen for being steadfast and a genuine patron of artists.

Mark inside a Paul Vexler sculpture