Begamot Station

by Wendy on May 28, 2012

Quick trip to see some great new art and show a few of our flip-books to a prospective gallery. Success on both points:) More to come soon!

Harbinger Imagery

by Wendy on May 27, 2012

Started new imagery for the next flipbook series. Experimenting with color this time.

Automata @ San Francisco Airport

by Wendy on May 23, 2012

Walking through the departure lobby, Mark and I were surprised by the special installation on view.  Automata: Mechanical Wonders of the Nineteenth Century. We’re not especially fond of mimes or clowns, but it was a beautiful installation and a fitting end to a great weekend.

Maker Faire 2012

by Wendy on May 21, 2012

Attended the San Mateo Maker Faire this year with our Los Angeles hackerspace Crash Space. The booth won three blue ribbons, with one of those awarded to our mechanical flip-books. We felt so grateful to be recognized with such a great company of inventors and creatives. Many thanks to everyone who came by and let us share our little wonders!


Here’s a video of some of our favorite moments from the faire.


Art MRKT 2012

by Wendy on May 19, 2012

Spent Friday visiting ArtMRKT 2012 in San Francisco. The galleries made a strong showing and the artists were well represented. We like these art fairs because they allow us to get acquainted with many galleries in one afternoon. We also were very excited to buy some art (a print from EB Harris). Here are some noteworthy highlights:

White Stag

by Wendy on May 18, 2012

Mindshare 50 Installation

by Wendy on May 12, 2012

We were invited to display our kinetic flipbooks at the mindshare50 art expo and lecture series in Los Angeles, CA.