January is Art Fair Month in LA

by Wendy on January 26, 2012

Miami has Art Basel, London has Frieze. We have Art LA and Photo LA. Great chance to see galleries from around the world exhibit their best and bravest art. Moby hosted the opening events at Photo LA and presented some photography from his recent book “Destroyed” which chronicles his life on the road. Interesting work, and especially liked the photo work of Liz Steketee who manipulates and melds old family photos into strange (somewhat creepy) new imagery. Found some inspiring new work by artists using books as materials, like artist Ching Ching Chen who used book pages to build camera sculptures. Mark liked the Infinity Mirror by Adam Belt.



Upcoming: New Orleans Photos

by Wendy on January 25, 2012

Developing a new series of images from my trip to New Orleans a few months ago. The work will coincide with a collaborative project with Felicia Michaels and Natalie Gamble. Show slated for Paso Robles Gallery in late August. Spoiler alert: Mark and I will also be unveiling new kinetic sculptures. Lots to do this summer!

LACMA – Metropolis II

by Wendy on January 24, 2012

Amazing kinetic sculpture by Chris Burden. We happened to visit on a day the miniature cars were turned off, but we were still impressed by the scale of this elaborate roadway system. Well worth the trip! California Design “Living In A Modern Way” was the next stop featuring lots of objects from mid century modern design. We sat at the video station and watched interviews for a few of the designers. Crazy Deborah Sussman was one of our favorites. Last stop was the Maria Nordman installation FILMROOM:SMOKE, a double projection that smelled strangely like cigarettes. Or maybe it was the big white chair?

Maria Nordman


Culver City Art District

by Wendy on January 07, 2012

Saturday night found us hanging around Culver City art openings, along with a thousand other people. La Cienega Blvd. was mobbed. After an amazing meal at Brunello’s Trattoria, we pushed and shoved our way into a few galleries to see what was what. Had lots of fun with Robb Putnam‘s misfit dogs at the Walter Maciel Gallery. But neither of us enjoyed Jill Greenberg’s new photos of decapitated pigs and urinating chimps. Claustrophobia finally set in and we retreated home to the beach bungalo.

Wendy and "Dunderhead"

Wendy and "Dunderhead"

One show of note was Ingrid Calame at Susanne Vielmetter Gallery. Her installation showcased HUGE color pencil drawings traced from the marks on streets and sidewalks. Most impressive was the 50 foot long wall drawing when you enter the gallery. Bravo Ingrid.

"From the LA River to Lackawanna"


Ingrid Calame