Alina Szapocznikow @ Hammer

by Wendy on March 30, 2012

Exhibition Sculpture Undone, 1955 to 1972
This was the only photo I was able to take before the guards jumped me.
“Lampe – Bouche” (Illuminated Lips)


Colored polyester resin and glass - Lampe - Bouche (Illuminated Lips)


Santa Monica Airport Artwalk

by Wendy on March 18, 2012

Even with the rain the turnout was great. Visited some of our favorite artist’s studios. Always impressed with Mitchell Friedman’s black and white monotypes. Maddy Le Mel was showing fantastic work titled “Suspended States”. And Sabine Pearlman surprised us with her new postcard showcasing our portrait on the front!


Building Boxes

by marky on March 15, 2012

It’s a nice feeling after a few weeks of effort begins to transform hunks of aluminum and trays of loose parts into functional objects of beauty.

Control Circuit for Next Grouping

by Wendy on March 12, 2012

Before advancing the design, Mark decided to build out a few more of these controllers with the parts we had on hand. The updated version is going to be a little easier to build and each will control up to 6 boxes and several motion sensors.

Saturday Art Outing – Culver City

by Wendy on March 12, 2012

Feeling a little too low on energy to do our own art, we visited a couple of art openings. Started with Corey Helford Gallery who was featuring acrylic-on-wood panel paintings by Amy Sol. Soft colors with female figures and animals cast in dream like settings. Upstairs were new works by illustrator Tom Bagshaw. Dark and moody. The next artist reception was for Jim Houser at Lebasse projects. Had fun looking at all the mixed media installations. Whimsical and inspiring. Mark especially liked the music set up. Had a peek in the back room and found some beautiful paintings by the collaborative street artists Herakut. Check them out if you get a chance.

Levitated Mass pilgrimage

by Wendy on March 10, 2012

Awoke early this morning to witness the last leg of the journey of Levitated Mass by artist Michael Heizer. We arrived at LACMA at 5AM and had missed the grand entrance of the 340 ton rock. When we realized we had to view it through the green curtained security fence we had a bit of a “Wizard of Oz” moment.