Exhibition: “Lyrical Play”

by Wendy on November 14, 2012

Collaborations with Wendy Marvel
featuring artists Mark Arnon Rosen, Natalie Gamble and Felicia Michaels
Opening Reception: December 1, 2012
Vale Fine Art
619 12th Street, Paso Robles, CA


Fluttering images dance their way through a hypnotic story: what do we look for—and find—in mechanized visual narratives? (“Mechanical Flipbooks,” with Mark Arnon Rosen)

Female butchers with the heads of foxes lurk in a Louisiana swamp, their simian-faced sisters lounge seductively in a New Orleans brothel, and, at the Salton Sea, a trio of anxious bunny women sweat it out under the blistering sun. How does a mask change how we think about female objectification, subjectivity and power? (with Felicia Michaels and Natalie Gamble)

Quick Look: Latest Flipbookit Pre-Production Prototype

by marky on November 14, 2012

Here’s a photo of the SLA spindle mounted in the latest flipbookit housing.
The box design has been tuned up to accommodate a new motor, new bushings, a bottom hole for a wooden handle, updated materials and a hole for an optional toggle switch (for motorized units), and notches for position sensors (for smart-duino combo-boxes).
That was a mouthful!

Photo of flipbookit 3rd rev prototype