rounding corners with the old coping saw

by marky on April 30, 2009

Thumbtack hole in gear

by marky on April 30, 2009


by Wendy on April 13, 2009

We got two axis working and nearly calibrating (rotation and x), a gear bearing replaced, and  software humming along and communicating with iMac. We finally were able to build upward from our plastic foundation. The extruder and all z axis stuff will be suspended from a framework of 1/16″ aluminum angle stock – and it’s 3/4″ off the floor so the bottom electronics aren’t dragging anymore.

Requiem for Bunny

by Wendy on April 12, 2009

Programming and Ceylon Tea

by Wendy on April 11, 2009

In order to make mathematical forms – or any forms, the two axis must numerically correlate together. So the number of motor steps to make one full table revolution will be related to the number of steps needed to move the table linearly from “min” to “max” (about 7″). We use opto-endstops to sense the limits. The best tab to block the opto endstop (and signal a min,max, or full table rotation) was a foil strip from a teabag packet. Great tea too.