Robert Reynolds

by Wendy on February 22, 2012

Walking around downtown LA today, Mark and I were peeking inside the large windows and imagining ourselves creating art in the giant vacant spaces. While wandering down 4th and Spring Street we encountered an artist doing just that; space filled with large, beautiful art. Sculptures of ships fitted with umbrellas for sails, walls lined with amazing mixed media paintings thick with paint and resin. A true smorgasbord of beauty, texture and whimsy.

The space was closed, but I persisted with my knocking until a man appeared and opened the door for us. Fortunately for us he happened to be the artist himself, Robert Reynolds. He graciously showed us around his gallery&studio and we felt an immediate liking to Robert and his work.  When we revealed that we were kinetic artists, he took us into the back room and showed us the “Faith Machine”. Three school chairs with neon writing were lined up in front of a huge bellow that would explode smoke through the seats. (We would very much like to see it in action someday). What a nice surprise to stumble upon such a great space, awesome artwork and a humble host. Thank you Robert, we hope to see you again soon!